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Mossy Oak Salsa is Kentucky Proud

Kentucky ProudMossy Oak salsa is focused on, and dedicated to, high quality and natural ingredients.  Made from all-natural ingredients, including Kentucky grown tomatoes and peppers, Mossy Oak salsa is happy to be a member of the Kentucky Proud program.  This program celebrates and encourages pride in the use of Kentucky products and ingredients, and helps the communities in Kentucky who work towards creating these products with pride.

Mossy Oak is dedicated to conservation and preservation of natural resources, and this dedication carries through into their salsa.  They enjoy and respect the great outdoors, and know that it takes an effort to maintain.  The choice to use Kentucky products and be a member of Kentucky Proud reflects this commitment to supporting communities and maintaining natural resources.

The food industry has gotten more diverse and complicated, with the average meal travelling over 1,500 miles before reaching a family’s dinner plate.  This unnecessary travel not only causes a loss of nutritional value and taste for the food, but it also takes money away from local communities and wastes valuable resources. 

The Kentucky Proud products, including Mossy Oak salsa, decrease the distance that the food travels, keeping the food fresh, nutritious, and tasty.  Buying Kentucky Proud also keeps the money local, supporting Kentucky’s farm families and communities.  On top of that, there isn’t the waste and use of resources that goes into shipping a typical meal. 

Mossy Oak salsa is glad to be a member of the Kentucky Proud program, and to ensure that their ingredients continue to be the finest that Kentucky has to offer.

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